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Are you trapped in a cycle of sexual sin and looking for hope and answers? We’ve got resources and opportunities to provide direction.

Small Groups

Small groups are the cornerstone of strength and accountability for continued growth in sexual purity. If you’re looking for a group in your area or are interested in starting a small group, we have resources to point you in the right direction.

Pure & Simple West

May 5, 2018
Los Angeles, California

God’s desire is for us, his children, to run free. Yet this freedom is illusive to many who struggle to overcome sexual sin and other heart attachments. God calls us into His word to learn the Biblical principles needed to walk the path to freedom. Over the past ten years Pure and Simple has been the Spirit’s invitation for many who needed to find the hope, courage, and help to begin or sustain their journey to freedom.

Pure & Simple Ten

November 9-11, 2018
Location TBA

Our 10th anniversary of the Pure & Simple Conference is being planned for the second weekend in November at a location that has yet to be determined. Check back for more information!

Aaron and Theresa Clark

For us, the Pure and Simple conferences were critical to keeping our new marriage from quickly ending. I, Aaron, brought into the marriage 20 years of addiction to pornography (as a Christian) and the conference gave me hope that I could overcome this struggle despite my history. We both found a ministry with a role, which God could use us to help many others to overcome as well. We will forever be indebted to this incredible weekend each year.

Aaron and Theresa ClarkToms River, New Jersey

People We Help

Our eyes are wide open to the serious damage caused by sexual sin and addiction. Individuals, spouses and children are not only harmed but often times chained to a lifestyle they are desperate to escape. Our passion is to equip men and women around the world to find the same freedom and victories we have experienced. Our resources and conferences are biblically based. They focus on helping Christians identify the root causes of their struggle, teach them to pursue holiness with a practical plan and engage them with others who can join them on the path to recovery.

  • Sexual Purity

    We’ve seen the lives of hundreds of men and women transformed when they humbly face the root causes of their sexual sin and allow God’s truths to be applied to their lives. We provide a plan, resources, and opportunities to connect with those who are overcoming.

  • Co-Dependency

    Codependency affects every facet in a person’s life and is usually quite prevalent in the lives of people who have lived with addiction. The issue is difficult to recognize and even more challenging to overcome. We provide spiritual and emotional strengthening for those who seek security at a heart level.

  • Recovery Group Leaders

    Leading a recovery group is a noble soul saving task but requires both faith and skill.  We provide resources, training and access to others who have grown to be effective leaders around the world.

  • Same-Sex Attraction

    Guidance for Christian men and women struggling with homosexuality and unwanted same-sex attractions.

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